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Tax Enquiry Scheme 2021/22

Within the next couple of weeks we will be mailing all our clients inviting them to join/renew the tax enquiry scheme. For more information please click here.

In the UK we live in an environment whereby the taxpayer is responsible for their own tax liability. HMRC opens investigations to see if the taxpayer has paid the right amount of tax on a random or selective basis. All this helps the government fill its ever expanding public finance black hole, which is even more of an issue in the current climate.

Answering all of HMRC’s questions takes time and the enquiries often drag on for months and sometimes take years to conclude. It can cost thousands of pounds to defend you, whatever the end result. The scheme will cover the professional fees incurred in the event of an HMRC enquiry/compliance check therefore giving you peace of mind that no additional accountancy costs will be payable by you directly.

If you take out the cover you will automatically gain access to FREE advice lines, this can support you and your business with Employment Law, Health & Safety and Legal Advice.

If you have any questions resulting from the letter you receive or indeed any queries regarding the scheme then please do not hesitate to call Ruth Wilson or Tim Taylor on 01623 420269.

Please note that we need all declarations and premiums payable by 1st April 2021 so act quickly when the letter drops through your letterbox.

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