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Processing payroll is one of the many jobs that business owners really dislike.

Imagine this scenario:

It’s the end of the month, a machine’s broken down, you’ve got orders to get out the door, the phone won’t stop ringing. The telephone won’t stop ringing and then you remember that it’s pay day tomorrow. You need to run the payroll as it needs to be with the bank tonight.

It’s a job that you can’t put off and failure to pay your employees on time can be a disaster.

Outsourcing to our specialist payroll team will ensure that your payroll is processed on time, accurately and confidentially. Here is some information about our payroll service:

  • All our payrolls are prepared by dedicated and trained staff who are up-to-date on current legislation such as Pay As You Earn, National Insurance, holiday entitlements and many more.
  • Our payrolls are prepared using the latest software
  • Payrolls can be over different periods including weekly, fortnightly, and┬ámonthly
  • Timetables are established at the outset, so you know when to get the information to us and we know when to complete the payroll
  • Payslips are printed for each employee and you are supplied with weekly/ monthly summaries so you can maintain your records
  • Your PAYE liability is entered on the payslip, so all you have to do is sign it and send the cheque to HM Revenue & Customs
  • We are always contactable for any queries and offering advice on areas such as holiday pay, sickness, statutory rights, maternity pay and many more

We offer a flexible, competitively priced and complete service. The cost of our service is often cheaper than the cost of employing someone to do it and the annual software updates makes it a very cost effective service.

Outsourcing will allow you to concentrate on the important thing – your business.

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