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Charities and Not for Profit Organisations

We recognise the contribution these organisations make to society and appreciate our corporate responsibility to help them.

The sector is regulated by the Charity Commission and as has been evidenced in the press in recent months, any organization dealing with public money has to have structure and controls in place which enable them not only to function efficiently but protect themselves in the event they are held accountable.

It’s not as onerous as it may seem;

There are several forms of “not for profit” organisations;

  • Charitable Incorporated Organisation, (Foundation or Association),
  • Community Interest Company [CIC],
  • Unincorporated association,
  • Trust,

And several factors that may influence your decision, such as;

  • Personal liability,
  • Membership structure,
  • Employing staff,
  • Delivering services,
  • Ability to enter into commercial contracts,
  • Owning property or land,

It can be confusing, when all you want to do is get on with it.

Our team is here to help!

  • Setting up, deciding on type of charity,
  • Advising on structure, use of trading subsidiaries for example,
  • Managing tax, Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax for Charitable Companies, dealing with HMRC on your behalf,
  • Assistance in setting up Gift Aid and advising on claims,
  • Selection of accounting systems,
  • Implementation of internal controls,
  • Preparation of year end and interim reporting,
  • Payroll support,
  • Help with grant applications,

Contact: Phil Nicholson


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