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Some clients look upon audits as being a necessary evil to satisfy requirements. We don’t.

We see an audit benefiting clients in two ways:

Firstly, we delve much deeper into their books and records and apply various tests to give the client peace of mind. This enables us to raise any issues with the client that the audit may uncover and use our wealth of experience to offer effective solutions.

Secondly, the completed audit will be recorded in the accounts field at Companies House. This will give other businesses who are looking to do business with you the added comfort that you have a clean bill of health.

At Stopfords we work with businesses of all shapes and sizes covering a whole variety of business areas. As well as limited companies, soles traders and partnerships we work with charities, insurance brokers, community interest companies, solicitors, pension schemes, travel agents, estate agents, independent financial advisers (IFAs), limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and clubs and societies.

Here are some examples of specialist audits we’ve performed over the last 12 months:

  • Skills Funding Agency – Subcontractor Controls Audit,
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules SRA – Client Money Audit
  • National Federation of Property Professionals – Client Money Audit,
  • Insurance Broking – Client Money Audit,
  • Various audits of grant claims,
  • Allotment Societies – under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014,

Management of Client Money is highly regulated in all the instances mentioned above, we can advise and make recommendations to ensure you meet all your regulatory obligations.

Contact: Phil Nicholson


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