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Archive: Oct 2016

  1. Author: JW / / Latest News

    Rotherham Round Table Rally Challenge

    Earlier on this year a few members of the Rotherham Round Table had an idea to purchases 2 cars that cost £500 each and drive them from Rotherham to southern Spain (via Cornwall) in 4 days as part of the 2016 Vegas or Bust Banger Challenge.

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  2. Author: JW / / Latest News

    Payroll Tax Penalties

    HMRC collected a total amount of £737m additional in taxes and penalties as a result of investigations into payroll tax errors in 2014/15, according to data collected by UHY Hacker Young.

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  3. Author: JW / / Latest News

    New Five Pound Notes

    The Bank of England has published guidance for retailers to help them prepare for the introduction of the new £5 bank notes, which entered circulation on 13 September 2016.

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