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Fee Protection Insurance

‘Do you think I need to take out this insurance?’ It’s always a question we are being asked. The answer is always the same…. ‘We don’t really know”.

The fact is that the HM Revenue & Customers has the power to open an enquiry into any tax return or a set of business accounts. It is common for there to be no reason for opening an enquiry, but thousands are started every year at random.

With every enquiry comes additional accountancy costs and this is why we offer clients the option of joining the tax enquiry scheme we set up with Qdos Consulting,

We have heavily researched the market and found Qdos Consulting to be very competitive, and not only this, their scheme also offers an employment and health and safety support service. It also gives clients joining the scheme telephone access to Qdos Consulting specialists on any matter relating to employment, human resources and health and safety laws and it’s associated compliance requirements.

Here’s an example of a satisfied client who joined our scheme:

His enquiry was opening in July 2010, and was finally completed 15 months later (some enquiries take even longer to complete). The total accountancy costs relating to our involvement in the enquiry amounted to £6180.00. Thankfully, our client was able to re-claim these costs under the scheme and the only cost he incurred was the annual premium of £145.00.

Contact: Ruth Wilson or alternatively click here for a leaflet.

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