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Rotherham Round Table Rally Challenge

Earlier on this year a few members of the Rotherham Round Table had an idea to purchases 2 cars that cost £500 each and drive them from Rotherham to southern Spain (via Cornwall) in 4 days as part of the 2016 Vegas or Bust Banger Challenge.

Stopfords own Stuart Burns is part of Team Mystery Machine along with James Fox, Mark Allen and Mark Whitehouse in their blue and yellow 2004 Ford Mondeo pictured below, while Steve Reynard, brother Andy Reynard, Matt Guest and Mike Starr form Team 4 of a Kind.








The teams have driven to the south coast taken an overnight ferry and completed the length of France before completing more miles and challenges and hopefully arriving in Vegas (South Spain)

Stuart said: “We were allowed to spend up to £500 on buying it and anything we liked on to get it roadworthy. The other team’s car, which they bought on Ebay, was in perfect condition but ours needed a whole new fuel system and body parts which was supplied by the Scooby Clinic.

The 2,000-mile journey on two sets of four wheels will test the team members’ patience but Stuart added: “We’re all good friends so we should be OK.”

We would like to give Team Mystery Machine a big congratulations as they arrived today in Vegas (South Spain) thankfully the car and the team members made it in there one piece!







They are hoping to raise at least £500 for Rotherham Hospice I’m sure we can help them beat that target!

Please follow the link to their fundraising page

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