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Post-Brexit Farming Subsidies



Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has made announcements on how Farmers will receive the £3 Billion farming subsidies that is currently funded by the EU.

The Present

Whilst Britain is still in the EU, farmers receive farming subsidies based on the amount of land they own. Rewards are given to those who use a certain method of production. This method has been described by Gove as ‘resource inefficient’.

Gove has said that the current way farmers receive farmers subsidies drives up the price of land. He says that the high prices of land isn’t allowing for innovative new farmers.

The current method of payment is to continue until 2024.

The Future

When Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, we no longer have to comply to the Common Agricultural Policy. This allows for Gove and his team to create a new legislation. Under it he has said he will replace the farming subsidies with payments based on what the land is used for. Land being used to improve the environment like planting wildflower meadows or woods would benefit. Also land that is opened up more for public access will benefit.

Gove’s main target is to open land for the public to enjoy the countryside more. This aim is to bring the public more to these farm areas to appreciate the the land and farmers work. This is an aim to build a relationship with ‘urban dwellers’ and farmers.


Other Information

Gove also mentioned other points in his speech at the Oxford Farming Conference 2018. He said how after we leave the EU as well as changes to farmers subsidies, he will change inspections. The changes will try and reduce the amount of inspections and make them more risk-based. Instead of ‘box ticking’ issues, inspections will concentrate on standards that aren’t high enough. This will include poor slurry management or inadequate animal welfare.

He also turned his attention to the market post-brexit. Gove said how the Government will champion British produce in the foreign market and keep the high standards of British food. Gove mentioned how  confident the government are in building new economic, tariff free, access for agricultural goods across borders. Something which still isn’t confirmed.

The full speech can be found here for more details.

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