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New Regional Tax Centres

HM Revenue & Customs have launched a 10 year modernisation programme to result in the creation of 13 new regional tax centres by 2021.

The programme will involve investment in data analytics, new online services and compliance techniques, along with improvements in customer service and different ways to make it easier for taxpayers to pay their tax.

Currently HMRC has 58,000 full time equivalent workers within its 170 office around the UK, some of which accommodate less than 10 members of staff.

The modernisation programme is expected to save around £100m a year by 2025. The first of the new centres will employ between 1,200 and 6,000 staff and is set to open in 2016/17.

These changes will also mean that around 140 HMRC offices will be closed by 2027, but most of the staff are expected to be transferred to the new regional centres. These centres will be located in Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, Stratford and Croydon.

According to HMRC they will maintain a mobile workforce of tax investigators to cover all of the UK and is going to continue to provide mobile customer service to vulnerable individuals or taxpayers with additional needs.

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