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New Diesel Tax Proposed

On the Thursday 9th November, it was hotly reported that the Autumn Budget could bring a new diesel tax.

What is the Proposed New Diesel Tax?

News outlets have been reporting that the autumn budget could contain a new diesel tax. The proposed tax is to help fund the ‘Clean Air Stratagy’. It is unsure as to yet if it will be a rise in VAT or if a new levy will be created.

This has been proposed just weeks after the T-Charge in London.

Why Diesel?

In the past Diesel cars have been praised for their low C02 emissions and better fuel economy compared to petrol. But recent studies have found Nitrous Oxide is still contributing a lot to pollution, a gas which is a byproduct of a diesel car.

These Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions are being linked with poor health effects, such as respiratory problems in the population.

The tax is designed to help reduce the pollution in the UK. The pollution levels in our air is at a level where the UK is being fined.

This being said, the newest Diesel engines being produced are the cleanest yet.

The Impact so far…

With recent discouragement of using diesel cars, sales have dropped significantly.

In October this year, 39.4% of all new car registrations were diesel cars. This is 29.9% less that October 2016. So, this could be a step in the right direction in the Government’s eye.

By 2040 the UK aims to have no petrol or diesel cars on our roads. The aim is that all vehicles are at least a hybrid. Paris, Madrid, Athens and Mexico City have plans that by 2025 all Petrol and Diesel cars will be banned from their roads.



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