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HMRC Letters to Businesses Affected by MTD for VAT

From the week commencing 5 November 2018, HMRC have started to sent out their first ‘batch’ of what they are calling ‘encouragement letters’ to businesses who are within the scope for MTD for VAT. The letters have been sent to businesses who are currently eligible to join MTD. Please note the are not sending copies to the businesses’ agents.

The first ‘batch’ was 20,000 letters which will be followed by a pause to monitor the impact that the letters have had. HMRC then issued another 180,000 letters from the week commencing 12 November 2018. There are 2 versions of the letters being used to again monitor the impact. Both letters have the same message, but they have been written in a slightly different style.

If you have received a one of the above letters from HMRC please contact the office for more guidance.

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